Rubber Chicken Ornament

  • 5-1/2" tall universal symbol of humor
  • Made from a plasticized clay-dough
  • Included loop of string for hanging
  • Funnier than bubble lights
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Item #: 12335

$4.99 $7.50

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Santa Rubber Chicken is coming to town

Your holiday decorations should express your personality. Why not let the whole world know that you have a slammin' sense of humor? The Rubber Chicken symbolizes whimsy and laughter, and the Christmas tree evokes good tidings of comfort and joy. Put them together, and you'll get our Rubber Chicken Ornament—the perfect combination of holidays and humor. This festive little guy just demands a prominent place on your tree! (Or hidden way in the back of your mom's tree.) If your tree is in desperate need of both cheer and chickens, then Santa Chicken is here to help!