Rubber Chicken in a Santa Suit

  • Chicken adorned in a Santa suit
  • You dress the chicken
  • Perfect for a tree, wreath, or cubicle
  • 21" rubber chicken in a cloth outfit
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Item #: M6446


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  • You better watch out; you better not cluck—; Santa Chicken is coming to town

      Nothing says funny like a Rubber Chicken, and nothing says "I'm funny. Oh, and Merry Christmas!" like our Rubber Chicken in a Santa Suit. This set includes a hand-painted Rubber Chicken and a quality Santa suit and hat for him to wear. This is no cheap rubber chicken; he's so detailed you can even feel the bumps from where his feathers were plucked. The little suit is perfect for the included chicken, but can be used to dress anything that's about the same size (e.g., garden gnomes, dolls, and squirrels). We recommend dressing your chicken in the suit, gluing on his hat, and then attaching him to your front door. You could also cut a hole in his bottom to make him a snazzy tree-topper.