Santa Pickle Ornament

  • 6" tall Santa Pickle Ornament
  • Made of glass
  • A barrel of fun
  • Includes a string for easy hanging
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  • It's Christmas-brine in the city...

      You may recognize Santa Pickle from the Pickle Candy Canes package. He's the holiday symbol for those of us that prefer savory to sweet. Hanging this glass 6" tall ornament on your Christmas tree will not only tart it up, but will also show you have a sophisticated palate. This ornament is a dilly!


      He was once a lowly, underachieving personified cucumber who dreamed of one day being garnish on delicious plate of food. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get anyone to consider him edible. Depressed, he fell asleep in his bath one December 24th and the Christmas spirit appeared. Recognizing the generosity and goodness in the cucumber's heart, the spirit sprinkled that water with salt, vinegar, spices and loads of fresh dill. When that common cucumber woke up from his nap, he had transformed into Santa Pickle. Now he travels the world in his magic pickle barrel delivering pickles to all the good little boys and girls that prefer savory over sweets.