Lincoln Salt and Pepper Shakers

  • Ceramic salt and pepper shakers
  • Lincoln's 3" head for salt, his 2-1/2" hat for pepper
  • Stackable, but not attached
  • Not ugly
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Item #: 12440


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  • It's the spice applicator that looks like the great emancipator

      The Lincoln Salt and Pepper Shakers are an homage to our favorite president, Abraham Lincoln. Some have called him the ugliest president, but those people have never seen Martin Van Buren on a bad hair day. When we look down at our bland food, we look to our hero to emancipate the flavor! Comes in two ceramic, stackable pieces. You can fill the 3" tall head with salt and the 2-1/2" tall hat with pepper. After purchasing these, you may find that the sight of a five dollar bill starts to make you hungry.