V For Vendetta Mask

  • Official licensed Guy Fawkes mask
  • Made of hard plastic
  • About 8-1/2" tall x 7" wide
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Item #: M6365


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  • The revolution has been merchandised

      This officially licensed V for Vendetta Mask is made in the likeness of Guy Fawkes, "The last man to enter parliament with honest intentions." Of course, that intention was to blow it up. It has also recently been used by the group Anonymous on the internet to hide the identity of its members. It's made of hard plastic and is about 8-1/2" tall and 7" wide with a black elastic band to hold it on your face. There's a delicious irony in an object that's supposed to represent anti-establishment ideals being mass-produced and officially licensed. The revolution will be merchandised!

      *Wig not included.