Pigeon Mask

  • Mask makes you look like a pigeon
  • Made of latex
  • Fits most adult heads
  • Good excuse to hang out on a statue
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  • Excuse me, Mr. Pigeon, could you get down off that statue

      Why buy a Pigeon Mask? If you want to stand out from the flock, this is the mask for you. Slip it on and hang around on statues, fight other pigeons for scraps of bread or just loom over your cat until it thinks you're some kind of bird-monster looking for revenge. Our advice is that you buy a bunch for all your friends, go hang out around a national monument and get in all the tourists' pictures. Owning a Pigeon Mask can be a life-changing experience, when you're not wearing it, you'll feel naked as a jaybird. Also called "rock doves," pigeons are found almost everywhere in the world, so this mask is your ticket to popularity and acceptance. (Ok, most people will think you're weird, but that's ok too.) Fits most adult heads. 

      You can also get a white Dove Mask if you're into the whole peace thing or would like to be released at a wedding.