Cocky Chicken Mask

  • Realistic latex chicken mask
  • Fits most adult heads
  • Practice clucking, strutting and pecking for grain
  • Do not wear in the presence of carnival geeks
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I dare you to wear it to KFC, or are you chicken?

Other chicken masks are a bit cartoony, but this mask is realistic and full of personality. This is one confident chicken. In fact it's so sure of itself, that it's fair to call it cocky. This latex Cocky Chicken Mask is gorgeous from the tip of its beak to the comb on top of its head. This is one mask that won't lay an egg. You'll be the cock of the walk! We recommend walking by your favorite fried chicken joint and staring through the window as people eat their buckets of extra crispy. What the cluck? Fits most adult heads.