Meat Parade Wrapping Paper Book

  • 12 sheets of 27" x 18" gift wrap
  • Each decorated with meaty goodness
  • Sheets come folded in book, perforated for easy removal
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  • Less smelly than wrapping gifts in actual meat

      You may wonder where the idea for the Meat Parade Wrapping Paper Book originated. You see, once a year all the best meats in the world gather together to celebrate their meaty heritage with a Meat Parade. You could use this gift wrap to celebrate Meat Day, but we recommend using it for holidays year-round. Wrap that birthday present in pimento loaf, a Christmas present in raw hamburger and use the bacon for Father's Day! This 13-5/8" x 9-5/8" book contains twelve 27" x 18" sheets of the meatiest folded gift wrap in the world. Each sheet is perforated for easy removal. Features corndog paper, hamburger paper and TWO kinds of bacon paper. You'll think you've died and gone to meat heaven!