Parking Space Goddess

  • Windup that sits on your dashboard
  • Comes with spell for parking
  • 2-1/2" tall
  • Looks like chrome
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Item #: 12430


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  • She'll get you rock star parking

      The Parking Space Goddess wants to help you find a parking space. Wind her up, say the included incantation and, allegedly, a parking space will appear before you. Written by a frustrated wizard (possibly just a hobo in a weird hat), the spell goes, "As I circle at a turtle's pace, please give me a parking space. One that's wide and in the shade, then protect my car from the meter maid." We've had good results so far, even at Costco on a Saturday morning. She's 2-1/2" tall, made of plastic that looks like shiny chrome and comes with an adhesive base.