Dashboard Pug Buddha

  • 5" tall with adhesive base
  • Pug-headed Buddhist monk made of hard vinyl
  • Mounted on metal spring for wiggling action
  • Will meditate for table scraps
Item #: 12734


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  • What is the sound of one pug snorting?

      The Dashboard Pug Buddha is for anyone who needs a calm friend on their commute. Pugs may not look like they know the wisdom of the ages, but they do seem to know the secret to happiness. This hard vinyl Dashboard Pug Buddha is 5" tall and mounted on a metal spring ready to stick to the dashboard of your car. He’ll stare at you with his gentle brown eyes and remind you that all is one, you should act from a place of compassion and he would like you to give him your pizza crust. If you meet Buddha on the road, give him a snack and scratch behind his ear.