Dashboard Genius Beethoven

  • 5-1/4" Vinyl Bobber
  • Looks like a tiny bust
  • Double sided tape to stick to your dashboard
  • He likes Wu Tang, King Diamond and Taylor Swift
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Item #: 12538

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  • Headbangin' Beethoven

      On your commute, people can see into your car, but they can't hear what you're listening to. With this Beethoven nodder on your dashboard, it will look like you're listening to classical music, when you're really jamming to speed metal or rap. It's a 5-1/4" soft vinyl Ludwig van Beethoven bust on a metal spring that sits right above the radio in your car. If you time going over bumps just right, you can get him to bob along to anything. In fact, Beethoven's favorite is Taylor Swift because he likes to nod off the haters.