Cat Astronaut Enamel Pin

  • Cat Astronaut enamel pin
  • 1-3/4” tall
  • Diecast metal and enamel
  • Everyone’s favorite cat-tronaut!
Item #: 12767


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  • This is ground control to Major Tom Cat

      If there are no cats in space, why bother to go there? This cat astronaut is one of the brave first few felines to take the plunge into the infinite darkness of the unknown. Cat Astronaut is on a five-year mission to explore strange new boxes, seek out new sunbeams to sleep in and boldly shed where no cat has shed before. Dare to wear this flair everywhere! Show the world a bit of your weird side no matter the occasion. This pin is made of diecast metal and enamel and is 1-3/4” tall.