Krampus Candy Canes

  • Set of six red & black candy canes
  • 5-1/4" tall fire-and-brimstone-flavored candy canes
  • Threaten kids into good behavior
  • Package so beautiful you might not open them
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Item #: 12545


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Fire-and-brimstone-flavored candy from the anti-Claus

Santa visits good kids and brings presents, Krampus visits naughty kids and brings punishment! But let's face it, even naughty people like delicious candy. Krampus is the anti-Santa Claus of the alpine Germanic tradition and even he might appreciate these candy canes. This set of six fire-and-brimstone (smoky cinnamon) flavored candy canes are the perfect thing to put on your tree to encourage your children to be good. or else. Each candy cane is 5-1/4" tall with red and black stripes.