Jane Austen Air Freshener

  • Air freshener decorated with the image of Jane Austen
  • Smells like genteel lavender
  • 4" tall with string for hanging
  • It's what ladies use to hide stink
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  • Scent and sensibility

      Decorated with the image of Jane Austen, this is the air freshener that shows you appreciate romance and dislike the smell of peasants. As a genteel lady of the landed gentry, you know the social importance of hiding any errant odors that might enter the nostril of a potential suitor. Hang this from the rearview mirror of your carriage (Prius) and let its image inspire you! This 4" tall Jane Austen Air Freshener is sensibly scented with lavender. String for hanging included.

      For correct usage, hang this product so that it can swing freely. Do not put this product in contact with plastic, wood, cloth or any other easily stained material. Do not rest this product on dashboard or air vents.