Super Awesome Birthday Wrapping Paper Book

  • 12 sheets of 27" x 18" gift wrap
  • Sheets come folded in book, perforated for easy removal
  • Increases the awesome of your presents by at least 73.2%
  • Wrapping paper for weirdos
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  • Happy birthday to you, weirdo

      Finally, wrapping paper that isn't supposed to appeal to everybody. You know how you have that one friend who's so cool and you have to give them a birthday present, but all they have at the store is boring paper? Well, we've solved that problem. This paper will be as Super Awesome as the present inside. This 13-5/8" x 9-5/8" book contains twelve 27" x 18" sheets of folded paper decorated with everything from Bigfoot to a pug man riding an ostrich to a bunch of cats having a party. The perfect way to surprise and delight your favorite weirdo when they are celebrating another year of existence. Each sheet is perforated for easy removal.