Voodoo Doll

  • 9" tall stuffed voodoo doll
  • Made of poly/cotton blend burlap
  • Weighted to stand on its own
  • Works like magic on the easily influenced
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  • Your enemies will be in deep voodoo

      Do voodoo dolls work? This fresh redesign of a traditional voodoo doll has a retro appearance that reeks of alleged magical powers, curses and powerful hoodoo. Package has instructions for applying curses using pins (not included). Made of poly/cotton blend burlap with poly/cotton blend stuffing, it's 9" tall and is weighted to stand on its own. So, does it work? There are people who say that this voodoo doll has changed their lives, giving them powers beyond anything that a mortal human should have. Others think it looks nice on a shelf and helps them relieve a little stress when they need to. We claim no magical powers, but you'll be on pins and needles as you figure out if you can exact your revenge with nothing but a chip on your shoulder and a little prick.