Anti-Snoring Device

  • 2-1/2" hard plastic strip
  • Sold on TV in the 1990s
  • May not effectively stop snoring
  • May effectively disfigure nostrils
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Item #: M6307


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  • Nothing solves life's little problems like an "As Seen on TV" product

      This hard, 2-1/2" strip of plastic was sold on TV as a way to stop snoring. In our opinion it wouldn't stop you from snoring, it would just put undue strain on your nostrils and you'd end up looking like Jack Nicholson in Chinatown. We offer these for sale as a collectible only and beg you not to actually put this in your nose. This was sold back in the early '90s when not snoring was obviously more important than nasal health. From the package, "Anti Snoring Device has turned the World's loudest snorer, Englishman Melwyn Switzer soundless during the night! He is listed in the "Guiness Book of Records," as the loudest snorer in the world."