Polar Bear Costume

  • Faux-fur body, latex and faux-fur hands, feet and head
  • Fits medium-sized to large teens and adults
  • Scare your friends and neighbors
  • Will not fool real polar bears
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Polar Bear Costume


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Stand out from the crowd wearing this Polar Bear Costume

    When polar bears aren't busy selling soft drinks and being cute, they are actually fierce predators. In fact, they are the largest predator that lives on land. In honor of that fact, this Polar Bear Costume is decidedly not cute. The body is made of faux-fur and the hands, feet and head are a mix of latex and the same fur. Even if it doesn't look exactly like a polar bear in the face, this suit will still scare the pants off your friends and neighbors. Make a scene at the bowling alley or miniature golf course. Try offering your services as a polar bear crossing guard. But think twice before wearing this suit to the zoo or the arctic circle. Polar bears are excellent swimmers, but this suit will only weigh you down in the water, making a quick getaway pretty unlikely. Fits medium-sized to large teens and adults.

    You know what's really terrible? People buy costumes, wear them and return them. That means we have to make a rule about returns for costumes. If you buy this and return it without opening the box you will get a full refund. If you open the box and don't wear it, there is a $50 restock fee. If you buy this and wear it, don't return it, you cheapskate.



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