You're the Star

  • 5 vinyl figures that look like your adoring public
  • Figures range from 2" to 3"
  • Includes photographers and autograph seekers
  • It's great to be adored
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  • They're your biggest fans and they'll follow you anywhere

      Where are your paparazzi and clingy fans? You know you're awesome, but the world ignores you. It's time for you to take command of your destiny. This set of five hard vinyl You're The Star figures is the adoring public you so richly deserve. Set them up anywhere you need an ego boost! Figures range in size from 2" to 3" tall and are both photographers and autograph-seeking fans. It's just like your parents always told you—you are special. They'll watch you brush your teeth, wait for you to get home from work and hang around outside of any event you go to. In fact, occasionally you'll want to yell at them, but don't. You don't want to be featured on TMZ.