Why would someone invent a squirrel feeder shaped like a horse's head? Washington Post article

Posted on April 07 2014


The Washington Post interviewed us about the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder! John Kelly called and got a few choice quotes from our Director of Awesome, David Wahl:

“We think of it as instant surrealism,” David said. “If you’re walking through a normal day at the mall and you see someone in the Orange Julius wearing a horse mask, it really makes you stop and take account of everything in your life.”

It’s this sort of cognitive dissonance that the company specializes in. It already had a giant squirrel head squirrel feeder on the market — hungry squirrels look macrocephalic while they eat — which David said showed “proof of concept.” Then last year David and his creative team brainstormed other feeder ideas.

“We debated a lot,” David said. He wouldn’t reveal all their ideas — “There is industrial espionage in the novelty squirrel head feeder industry,” he deadpanned — saying only, “Abe Lincoln did come up in conversation.”

Read the whole article here!


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