Exploring Seattle's International District with Mark Pahlow

Posted on April 15 2015


Stacy Booth of WhereTraveler took a stroll around Seattle's Asian neighborhood with our owner, Mark Pahlow. He points out a few of his favorite things including the best place for noodles, meat sculpture and a little Tai Chi. 

Also, learn about gangster fish!

Next up? We headed to the last remaining fish store in the neighborhood, King’s Discus, at 805 S. King St. The store, like most in this neighborhood, is small, and because of all the aquariums, humid. (It’s a good stop if you’re freezing.) Aquariums are set up in narrow aisles, and the variety of fish is amazing. Tiny to huge, neon to nearly transparent, I wasn’t ever sure what type of fish I was looking at. At the front of the store, Mark explained that one particular tank held baby fish prized by gangsters in Hong Kong—fish that are also popular with the police there, and often found in a tank at the station. As they grow older and larger, they can be worth thousands of dollars.

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