Everett Herald: Archie McPhee's Wacky Wonders are dreamed up in Mukilteo

Posted on September 04 2016

Archie McPhee Warehouse with Mothman Sign
What a treat to have Andrea Brown from the Everett Herald stop by to see our corporate offices and Seattle store. The article she wrote is a great peek into our inner-workings and philosophy. 

Why do people buy this stuff?

“The magic of what we do is to not do something that has a practical purpose,” Wahl said. “We’re filling a need for an abstract concept rather than an actual physical one. Someone who makes a hammer makes a hammer to build a house. You make an inflatable unicorn hat for cats because you open up that part of a person’s brain that goes, ‘Oh, my God, how does that exist? How did they know I would think it is funny?’”

Read the whole article here!



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