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    Party Rats

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    Party Rats

    • Five 1-3/4" long plastic rat lights on elastic bands (batteries included)
    • Comfortable fit for fingers of all ages
    • Be the bright, colorful life of any party
    • Ideal for nightblogging
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    Light up your fingers with colorful Party Rats

    What? You haven't heard of Party Rats! You're kidding, right? They're the best thing to happen to partying since the mirror ball. People of all ages are putting these colorful, plastic rodent lights on their fingers and waving their hands in the air like they just don't care. Each 1-3/4" long rat sends out a different colored beam of light, allowing you to create your own personal light show! The beats are pumping, the bass is throbbing and there you are "throwing shapes in the church of dance" with bright little rats on each of your fingers.

    Put on some Party Rats the next time you give a presentation at school or the office and you'll be sure to have everyone's attention. Also great for the latest computer craze, nightblogging! Five rats in each package. Batteries included.


    Party Rats have become so popular in Japan that singer Yui Kameoka had a pop hit with them. Here are the lyrics (translated via Google):

    Party Rats Happy Hands

    When I am dancing alone,
    My fingers are so lonely!
    My fingers are so lonely!
    My fingers need a friend!

    Party Rat!
    Won't you take up residence on my finger?
    Light the way for me to dance,
    It is dark in my heart except for the rat!

    Party Rat!
    Hug my finger because you care.
    Shining on the wall like a beacon,
    I am a ship lost at sea, be my rescue flare.

    When I am dancing alone,
    No one to hold my hand.
    The place your hand used to be,
    A rat will take your place!

    Party Rat!
    You are my one true love.
    You understand me, always want to dance.
    No bubonic plague on you!

    Party Rat! Party Rat! Party Rat!

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