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  1. Super Sale Sucker Set

    Super Sale Sucker Set

    Regular Price: $104.00

    Special Price: $9.99

    A smorgasbord of sale-priced suckers

    • 4 different suckers
    • Fish head, butter, penny & underpants
    • Like some kind of candy-coated dream
    • Unbelievably good price
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  2. Super Awesome Gift Card

    Super Awesome Gift Card

    From $20.00

    Give the gift of awesome!

    • Email a gift card instantly
    • You choose the amount
    • Write a gift message
    • Thoughtful in the extreme
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  3. Surprise Tattoos

    Surprise Tattoos


    My temporary tattoo is more interesting than your real tattoo

    • Random assortment of 26 tattoos
    • Comes in a 3-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 3/4" tin
    • Each assortment is different
    • Cross your fingers that you get a blender
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  4. Jim's Bag of Broken Candy

    Jim's Bag of Broken Candy


    Broken candy tastes the same

    • 2 lbs!
    • Tastes just like unbroken candy
    • For less discriminating customers
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  5. Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figure Collection

    Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figure Collection


    Stage your own time travel adventure with these action figures

    • Includes 10 action figures out of their packaging
    • Over $90 worth of figures for under $30
    • Extraordinary historical ladies and gentlemen
    • Endless playtime possibilities
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  6. Mysterious Candy Collection

    Mysterious Candy Collection


    If you like candy and surprises, this mysterious box is for you

    • $40 worth of candy for under $20
    • Candy contents a complete mystery until box is open
    • Who is brave enough to eat it all?
    • Great surprise gift for friends and enemies
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  7. Bacon Collection

    Bacon Collection


    The Bacon Collection is the ultimate gift for bacon lovers

    • The best of our bacon products crammed into one box
    • An aromatic baconstravaganza!
    • Over $40 in bacon stuff for less than $40
    • Sure to please any proud carnivore
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  8. Super Awesome Surprise Box

    Super Awesome Surprise Box


    The perfect gift to show someone how awesome you think they are

    • Contains over $70 worth of awesomeness
    • 12" x 12" x 4-1/2" box
    • Assortment of awesome Archie McPhee goodies varies
    • Assortment may vary from picture
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  9. Surprise Bag

    Surprise Bag


    A lot of stuff... for cheap!

    • Over $100 of stuff for $34.95
    • An Archie McPhee tradition
    • Not all surprises are good surprises
    • All bags have the same contents
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