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  1. Bag of Freaks

    Bag of Freaks


    Step right up to the Bag of Freaks! The deal of the century!

    • 1-3/4” to 6” tall, hard vinyl
    • World’s tallest and smallest men, bearded lady and the strong man
    • Three plastic posters advertising the attractions
    • Turn any surface into a midway sideshow
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  2. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

    Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure


    Everybody knows a Crazy Cat Lady

    • 5-1/4" tall, hard vinyl
    • Comes with six cats
    • Wears robe, pajamas and slippers
    • Great gift for any cat fancier
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  3. You're the Star

    You're the Star


    They're your biggest fans and they'll follow you anywhere

    • 5 vinyl figures that look like your adoring public
    • Figures range from 2" to 3"
    • Includes photographers and autograph seekers
    • It's great to be adored
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  4. Sigmund Freud Action Figure

    Sigmund Freud Action Figure


    The only action figure that peers into the depths of your subconscious

    • Action figure of Sigmund Freud
    • 5" tall, made of hard vinyl
    • Holds a phallic cigar
    • Analyzes how you play with him
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  5. Avenging Unicorn with package

    Avenging Unicorn


    Your unicorn buddy wants to take care of all your problems

    • Unicorn figure that pierces irritating people
    • 3-3/4" tall hard vinyl unicorn
    • Includes three 3-1/8" figures (Hipster, Bank CEO and Mime)
    • Pose on your desk at work as a lighthearted threat
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  6. Bigfoot Action Figure

    Bigfoot Action Figure


    The hippy of the cryptozoological world

    • Action figure of Bigfoot
    • Made of hard vinyl, 7-1/4" tall
    • Comes in a box with a serene forest backdrop
    • Just the action figure you've been in search of...
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  7. Horrified Movie Victims

    Horrified Movie Victims


    Now you can be the monster

    • Four hard vinyl figures
    • Each is about 3" tall
    • All are reacting to something horrible
    • Great for picture props
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  8. William Shakespeare Action Figure

    William Shakespeare Action Figure


    A figure of truth, of faith, of loyalty

    • Action figure of William Shakespeare
    • 5-1/4" tall, made of hard vinyl
    • Comes with book and quill pen
    • Droll
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  9. Edgar Allan Poe Action Figure

    Edgar Allan Poe Action Figure


    An action figure that will give you nightmares

    • Action figure of Edgar Allan Poe
    • 5-1/4" tall, made of hard vinyl
    • Perching raven
    • Afraid of being buried alive
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  10. Jane Austen Action Figure

    Jane Austen Action Figure


    An action figure for the landed gentry

    • Action figure of Jane Austen
    • 5-1/2" tall vinyl figure
    • Includes book and quill
    • Book-shaped package suitable for display
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  11. The Avenging Narwhal

    The Avenging Narwhal


    This narwhal is all that stands between us and penguin world domination!

    • One narwhal with impalable penguin
    • 5-1/2" long & made of hard vinyl
    • Detachable tusk
    • 1-1/2" tall evil penguin included
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  12. Star Trek Generations Figure Collection
  13. Narwhal



    Swimming in the ocean, because they are so awesome

    • 5-1/2" long, hard vinyl
    • Narwhals are real
    • Called "unicorns of the sea"
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  14. Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figure Collection

    Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figure Collection


    Stage your own time travel adventure with these action figures

    • Includes 10 action figures out of their packaging
    • Over $90 worth of figures for under $30
    • Extraordinary historical ladies and gentlemen
    • Endless playtime possibilities
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  15. Bag of Gladiators

    Bag of Gladiators


    Ready yourself for epic battle with a Bag of Gladiators

    • Three 5-1/4" tall, hard vinyl posable figures
    • Includes removable swords, shields and helmets
    • Use for protection, war games or cake decorating
    • Buy multiple sets and form an entire legion!
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  16. Bendable Mr. Bacon

    Bendable Mr. Bacon


    You love bacon and Mr. Bacon loves you

    • 5-5/8" tall, soft vinyl Mr. Bacon figure
    • Anthropomorphic bacon strip with bendable arms and legs
    • Makes great mascot for work or travel
    • Essential for bacon lovers
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  17. Stickman Action Figure

    Stickman Action Figure


    Stickman selflessly keeps us all safe

    • 3-3/4" tall, hard vinyl figure
    • Fully articulated figure attaches to base by hands or feet
    • Backdrop lets you create your own custom warning signs
    • Great for offices, dorms and other dangerous places
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  18. Star Trek Deep Space Nine Figure Collection

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine Figure Collection


    Relive the drama and thrills of Deep Space Nine with this figure set

    • Six 3-1/2" to 4", hard vinyl figures
    • Collectible Star Trek merchandise from 1994
    • Includes original packaging
    • Perfect for dedicated Trekkers
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  19. Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu

    Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu


    Who will win the fierce showdown between meat and soy?

    • 5-5/8" tall, bendable Mr. Bacon
    • 3-3/8" tall, bendable Monsieur Tofu
    • Only one can remain at the top of the food chain!
    • Great gift for vegetarians and carnivores
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  20. Remote Control Walking Zombie

    Remote Control Walking Zombie


    He walks! He moans! He craves juicy brains!

    • 7-3/4" tall, plastic
    • Controlled by 2-3/4" long brain-shaped remote
    • Articulated at neck, shoulders and hips
    • Zombie may try to eat you or his controller
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