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Valentine's Day

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  1. Super Awesome Gift Card

    Super Awesome Gift Card

    From $20.00

    Give the gift of awesome!

    • Email a gift card instantly
    • You choose the amount
    • Write a gift message
    • Thoughtful in the extreme
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  2. Jane Austen Bandages

    Jane Austen Bandages


    From Pride and Prejudice to Bandages and Boo-boos

    • 15 bandages with image & quotes
    • Includes a dashing reusable tin
    • Bandages are latex-free
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  3. I Love You Toast Stamper

    I Love You Toast Stamper


    I think my breakfast is flirting with me

    • Allows toast to express its feelings
    • 3-3/4" x 3" plastic stamper
    • Says, "I (heart) you"
    • Stamp before toasting
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  4. Bacon Gift Bag

    Bacon Gift Bag


    Until they can make a bag of actual bacon, this will do

    • 7-1/2" x 4" x 9-1/2" paper gift bag
    • Thick string handle & Mr. Bacon card
    • Photo of an endless field of bacon
    • Should be filled with pork products
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  5. Bacon Candy Necklace

    Bacon Candy Necklace


    Bacon jewelry attracts men and dogs

    • 1.3 oz candy necklace made of sugar
    • Tastes and smells like bacon
    • Has bacon medallion
    • Fits most adults and a few pigs
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  6. Scalp Squid Head Massager

    Scalp Squid Head Massager


    This squid has 5 tentacles to massage your head

    • 7-1/4” x 3-1/2”, hard vinyl
    • Rub on your head for stress relief
    • Massages head better than an actual squid
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  7. Cupcake Jelly Beans

    Cupcake Jelly Beans


    Cutest baked good meets adorable candy

    • Comes in a tin shaped like a cupcake
    • Filled with vanilla flavored jelly beans
    • Scientists trying to come up with a cuter tin have failed
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  8. Made With Love Sandwich Bags

    Made With Love Sandwich Bags


    When you make a lunch, show them how much you love them

    • Set of twenty 7" x 8-3/4" sandwich bags
    • "Press to close" top
    • Two designs included (10 of each)
    • Embarrasses 10 year old boys really bad
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  9. Mysterious Candy Collection

    Mysterious Candy Collection


    If you like candy and surprises, this mysterious box is for you

    • $40 worth of candy for under $20
    • Candy contents a complete mystery until box is open
    • Who is brave enough to eat it all?
    • Great surprise gift for friends and enemies
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  10. Cleansing Kisses Soap Leaves

    Cleansing Kisses Soap Leaves


    Cleansing Kisses Soap Leaves are perfect for washing all your important parts

    • Twenty red sheets of lip-shaped, cherry-scented soap
    • 3-1/4" long container shaped like luscious lips
    • Single-use soap dissolves during use
    • Keep clean anywhere, stylish and handy travel accessory
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  11. His & Her Tongue Scrapers

    His & Her Tongue Scrapers

    Regular Price: $4.95

    Special Price: $2.49

    For those time when both parties require a clean tongue

    • Two 7" long plastic scrapers
    • A package that communicates it's for two people
    • "His and her" is just a suggested use
    • No more shared tongue fur
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  12. Heart Gelatin Mold

    Heart Gelatin Mold


    Make a tasty gelatin mold after your own heart

    • 6" x 6-1/4" x 2-1/8" red plastic mold
    • Shaped like anatomical human heart
    • Perfect for lovebirds, med school students and aspiring cannibals
    • Recipes included
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  13. I Love You Egg Shaper

    I Love You Egg Shaper


    Nothing says "I Love You” like a heart-shaped breakfast

    • 4-3/4" x 4" Teflon© coated egg shaper
    • Folding wooden handle for easy storage
    • Produces perfect heart-shaped foods
    • Turn any meal into a cute romantic gesture
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  14. Stylish Mustaches for Girls

    Stylish Mustaches for Girls


    A pink girly mustache for every day of the week

    • Seven different adhesive mustaches
    • Life-like pink synthetic hair
    • Accentuate your feminine features
    • Goes great with almost any outfit
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  15. Woman Holding World’s Largest Diamond

    World's Largest Diamond


    Buy a giant gem without breaking the bank

    • 7-3/4" x 4-1/4" glass replica “diamond”
    • 8.4 dazzling pounds
    • Comes with small glass display stand
    • Surprise your sweetheart
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  16. Li'l Smoochers Cinnamon Lip Candy

    Li'l Smoochers Cinnamon Lip Candy


    Spice up your smoocher with cinnamon-flavored Lip Candy

    • Contains thirty-two lip-shaped candies
    • 3" x 1-3/8" x 1/2" lip-shaped tin
    • Spicy cinnamon flavor
    • Keeps your kisser kissable
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  17. Ring For Service Bell

    Ring For Service Bell


    Instant gratification at the push of a button

    • 3-1/2" diameter, shiny nickel-plated bell
    • Just like the bells on hotel counters
    • Push down with your palm to make it ring
    • May or may not make bellhop appear
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  18. Boo Boo Kisses Bandages

    Boo Boo Kisses Bandages


    Kiss it better with Boo Boo Kisses Bandages

    • 15 2-1/4" adhesive lips-shaped bandages
    • 3-3/4" tall metal pocket tin
    • Free prize makes owies less ouchy
    • Perfect for cuts, scrapes or love-bites
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  19. Devil Duckie

    Devil Duckie


    This delightful and devilish duck makes every bath a living heaven

    • Rubber, 4-1/2" long
    • Floats in water or hot magma of hades
    • Demonic powers may convert bathwater to steam
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