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    Emergency Inflatable Toast

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    Emergency Inflatable Toast

    • Inflatable vinyl toast
    • 5" x 5-1/2"
    • Floats but is not edible
    • For toast emergencies
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    Inflatable toast is easily transportable and has no crumbs

    The person who invented bread was probably heralded as a genius, but just think about the person who invented toast. I mean, the Bible calls bread the staff of life, but surely toast is the staff of awesome. It has an amazing crunch, nooks and crannies for butter and it costs almost nothing! When you want all the comfort of toast and none of the crumbs, you want Inflatable Toast. You don't even need an inflatable toaster! When you need your Inflatable Toast, pull it out of its tin, blow it up and just revel in its realistic toasty goodness. Perfect for toast emergencies of all kinds.


    We are excited to announce that the one and only Admiral Toast has endorsed our Inflatable Toast! In fact, he was so excited, he wrote a poem about it.

    A Sonnet to Toast
    By Admiral Toast

    Oh you that spreads your crumbs on my clean shirt,
    You who are born of heat and mother bread
    In soft-whispered circles it has been said,
    Your food supremacy we must assert.

    The halls of heaven ring with calls of toast
    As angels push the toaster lever down
    and wait for it to turn a lovely brown,
    Your food supremacy we must boast.

    Whatever happens do not let it burn
    An inedible coal of carbon and smoke
    With a smell that could indicate a stroke,
    Your food supremacy we can discern.

    We must decree broccoli as loathsome
    But toast defines awesome, awesome, awesome!


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