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Makes dishes magically clean

  • Pink plastic 10-1/2" wand
  • Scrub brush on the back
  • Cleans like magic
  • The grumpier the person washing, the funnier it is
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Dish Wish Scrub Brush

Dish Wish Scrub Brush

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Dish Wish Scrub Brush Dish Wish Scrub Brush in action

Makes dishes magically clean

We've all wished we could wave a magic wand and make a sink full of dishes magically clean themselves, but that's been impossible until now! The Dish Wish Scrub Brush looks just like a 10-1/2" pink magic wand, but when you turn it over it has a star shaped scrub brush on the other side. The dirt on your dishes will disappear with just a few circles of the wand and a dollop of soap. Well, we estimate about 500 circles for your average sink full of dishes. Makes doing the dishes into fun fairy cosplay!


Here's a dish cleaning spell you can chant while using your wand:


Sink of dishes covered in grease and grime
I'd sterilize you if I had the time
Instead I'll clean you with a wave of the wand
And get back to watching On Golden Pond!