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    Ceramic Nose Pencil Sharpener

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    Ceramic Nose Pencil Sharpener

    • Pencil sharpener in a ceramic nose
    • 2" long
    • Looks like it fell off a statue's face
    • Classy
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    Looks like it fell off a Roman bust

    We've all been at fancypants galleries and had to quash the urge to stick a pencil up a statue's nose. Heck, we had the urge at the Lincoln Memorial and you could fit a handful of pencils up that rabbit hole of a nostril. Well, finally you can go ahead and just ram them on up there. This 2" long ceramic nose pencil sharpener looks like it fell right off some Roman bust. Classy and practical. Warning: Do not try to sharpen a pencil in your own nose or the nostril of an Abraham Lincoln impersonator no matter how much you're tempted. And we know how tempting it is. Really. Even if you have to call your therapist, don't do it.

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