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Defend against zombie hordes with brain flavored mints

  • 100 brain-flavored mints
  • 2-1/4" round collectible metal tin
  • Perfect for zombie fans & zombie friends
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Brain Flavored Zombie Mints

Brain Flavored Zombie Mints

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Brain Flavored Zombie Mints

Defend yourself against zombie hordes with brain flavored mints

Next time you find yourself cornered by a mob of slavering zombies intent on eating your brain, break out this tin of brain flavored Zombie Mints and offer it to the undead hordes. If you’re lucky, they’ll form an orderly, single file line and each take a mint before trudging away satisfied. If you’re unlucky, they’ll slap the tin away, rip off your arm and feast on your cerebellum. If you don’t want to risk standing still and offering mints to the zombies (and who could blame you?), try disguising yourself as a zombie and then eating a whole bunch of the mints yourself. Your ghastly brain flavored breath might be your only escape. These breath mints are guaranteed to make your mouth autopsy fresh and are quite possibly the strangest candy ever made! Each 2-1/4" round tin contains one hundred mints. A great gift for coroners, med students, zombie fans and zombie friends.