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    Tag Archives: Underwear

    • Introducing the Underpants Wallet

      The Underpants Wallet is the most hygienic way to keep your money in your underpants.

      You probably feel self-conscious about carrying your cash in your skivvies, but not anymore! Pretty soon it will feel like second nature to be tucking bills into these tighty-whities. This polyester canvas pair of underpants is actually a 4-1/4" x 3-1/2" folded wallet with plenty of room for cash and cards.

      So take that cash out of your actual briefs and move it to your pocket panties! Includes an underpants expert ID card that might get you thrown out of Victoria's Secret.

      Buy one here.

    • Underpants Candy Commercial

      The next time someone tells you, "Eat my shorts," you tell them no problem and pull out your tin of tasty, tutti frutti Underpants Candy. These might just be the yummiest underpants you've ever eaten and some of the strangest and silliest candies ever made:

    • April Fool's Day Giveaway

      Spring has officially sprung and that means that April Fool's Day is upon us. In fact, it's this Sunday! As you know, we're not the sort of people to to let April Fool's Day pass uncelebrated, no way. This year we're celebrating by giving away free Instant Underpants to anyone who places an order at from 6PM 3/31 to midnight on 4/1.

      That's right, place an order at between 6PM 3/31 to midnight 4/1 and we'll send you a FREE pair of Instant Underpants to keep until you need them. And believe us, you'll KNOW when you need them.

      In fact, if this promotion makes you so excited you soil yourself, you are in luck! Just pop open the tin, immerse the underpants pellet in water, wait a few minutes, and BAM, you'll have your very own spare pair of undies ready to go. We think you deserve them and no emergency preparedness kit should be without them.

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