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    Tag Archives: Head

    • Introducing the Pigeon Mask

      Our new latex Pigeon Mask is a perfect excuse to spend the afternoon hanging out on statues or in front of monuments of all kinds. Take one on your next trip and photograph yourself terrorizing pigeons around the world.

      Or turn the mask into an awesome science experiment: Will flocks of pigeons accept you as one of their own? Will people throw you popcorn or bread crumbs?

      Just remember, wearing a Pigeon Mask doesn't actually enable you to fly.
      You'll need a jet pack for that.

    • The top 5 unforgettable Christmas presents of 2012

      Conventional Christmas presents like video games, appliances and socks are great. But you can make Christmas even more fun with some delightfully strange and unexpected gifts as well.

      That's why we made this handy list of our top 5 unforgettable Christmas gifts for 2012 to help you get started:

      5. Big Head Squirrel Feeder

      After tending to their beloved yards all year long, Dads have earned some yard-related entertainment and this unusual gift is just the ticket. It also makes a funny (and useful!) present for nature lovers and anyone who thinks the town squirrels are getting a little big for their tiny britches. This time of year those naughty neighborhood squirrels are running around like crazy trying to stock up (and fatten up) for the winter. Hang this feeder in the backyard, fill it with something squirrels find irresistible and then stand back while hilarity ensues.

      4. Jane Austen Bandages

      Moms are renowned for kissing our boo-boos and making us feel better, but Moms sometimes get boo-boos of their own. Fancy bandages decorated with pretty images of one of literature's most famous female novelists or quotations from her best works make an entertaining and delightfully practical gift. (Pairs well with Downton Abbey dvds.)

      3. Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

      Most of us know at least one crazy cat lady. If there's one thing crazy cat ladies love almost as much as their cats it's a present for their precious feline friends. Plenty of cat lovers probably already think their kitties are magical creatures, but this inflatable unicorn horn makes it official. It also makes for some seriously funny photos.

      2. Clumsy Cook Turkey Mask

      This mask is a perfect gift for that famously funny uncle as well as aspiring, accomplished or just downright terrible cooks. Put this realistic raw turkey mask in the hands of someone who already has a great sense of humour and Christmas will turn into something straight out of a sitcom.

      1. Inflatable Beard of Bees

      What do you get for the person who has everything? Easy, you get them an Inflatable Beard of Bees! There's no chance they've already got one and it's useful in all sorts of unexpected situations: impress the ladies (or the gents or hives of single bees), conceal your identity, cover up that patchy moustache while it's still just growing in or use it as a bib instead of a traditional napkin. It also makes a handy life raft for pet hamsters and the perfect present for notoriously hard-to-shop-for apiarists.

      With presents like these, your holiday is sure to be a truly memorable experience. Remember, the more people are laughing, the less they're discussing politics or gossiping about .

    • Horse Head Mask sightings

      We love spotting our Horse Head Mask being used and enjoyed in the most unexpected places. We always suspected that it could be useful in any number of situations, but our customers continually demonstrate that there is truly no limit to the possible applications.

      People have incorporated the Horse Head Mask into wedding photos:

      It has been part of marine animal shows:

      Apparently it even makes for comfortable reading on planes:

      It takes special skill to race while wearing a Horse Head Mask:

      Even dogs enjoy wearing them:

      This is Maddie the famous traveling Coonhound

      And most recently, we spotted it being worn in this awesome and incredibly strange Japanese video:

      Stay tuned for more amazing sightings of the Creepy Horse Mask!

    • Horse Head Mask Sightings

      We absolutely love it when people spot our Horse Head Mask while they're out and about. It didn't take long for us to learn that it really could show up anytime and anywhere, which delights us to no end. Here are three recent sightings:

      This triumphant, leather-clad horse-man was seen at the New York Comic Con.

      ontheborderland spotted not just one, but two Horse Head Masks enjoying a leisurely boat ride through Inokashira Park in Tokyo.

      Redditor atcaskstrength spotted this equine bookworm while boarding a plane, proving once again that you never know when a little awesomeness is about to enter your life.

      Who knows where the Horse Head Mask might appear next? We can't wait to find out. Until then you can check out for more pictures and videos.

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