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    Tag Archives: engrish

    • New Engrish

      Engrish Bento Box
      Engrish Bento Box

      This is some of the most poetic Engrish ever. Found on a Bento Box sample.

      "Regardless the timespace how to change the, the of the crystal, the whole life is constant.

    • Creepy Food Placemats

      This is one of those products that we love that doesn't sell at all. The food on these placemats is so incredibly creepy it makes us happy to know they exist. One thought we had about why they aren't selling is that perhaps we didn't do a good job of showing exactly how weird and off-putting these actually are. So, we took some pictures that reveal every disturbing detail.

      Take a look at those hot dogs and the hamburgers with bear picks sticking out the top. If that's not strange enough, what about those pancakes floating in white space? They aren't even on a plate. Why is everything so shiny? Is there something oddly suggestive about the food? Why is the wine glass shown from the side while the other food is shot from the top?

      There are only a few sets of these left and surely your dining room isn't complete without them. Remember, someone thought the food on this placemat looked appetizing enough to feature it on a product. Click on the pictures below for large size views.

      Creepy Food Placemat

      Creepy Food Placemat - Hot Dogs

      Creepy Food Placemat - Hamburgers with Bear Picks

    • Engrish Part 2 - The Ro-Ro Yo-Yo

      Often in translation an "L" sound will be turned into an "R" sound, but here a Yo-Yo becomes a Ro-Ro.

      Engrish Yo-Yo, Ro-Ro

    • Engrish Part 1 - Magic Metal Puzzle

      We often get product samples with badly translated English on them. In this case, it wasn't so much poorly written as it was awesomely written. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, the product does not actually possess any magical powers.

      Directions On The Back of Key Puzzle - Engrish

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