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    Mark's Rants

    • The Last Rubber Chicken in Ballard

      The Last Rubber Chicken In Ballard

      After 10-1/2 years, at 3:37 p.m., on May 31, 2009, the last Rubber Chicken at the Ballard Archie McPhee store was photographed, tagged and taken away.

      the Devil moves to Wallingford

      The floors were swept, the cornucopia of stuff hanging from the ceiling taken down and the giant devil head transported eastward in the back of a pickup truck beneath strangely sunny skies.

      The Roman gladiator, our guardian, was carefully moved and the private museum of bad art (paintings of big-eyed children and garage sale macrame) that decorated the employee bathroom was dismantled and put in storage, pending final negotiations for transfer to the Smithsonian.

      Computers unplugged, phones disconnected and final readings for power, gas and water were made.

      At 3:37 p.m. I said, "Shut her down, Shana." Click, click, click, went the lights for the last time. And it was done. Darkness comes to Ballard. And we are gone.

      Thanks to all our loyal friends and fans and the Jacobsen family, for letting us be our eccentric selves on the west end of NW Market St. the past 10-1/2 years -- seven days a week, seeing people come in grumpy or stressed and seeing most people leave happy. It is what we do here, our simple purpose in a crazy world.

      Thanks to all for spending some of your hard earned money with us, for getting our jokes and giving us meaning in our lives!

      Now it's on to Wallingford and a new saga starting at 9 a.m. Monday morning!


      Archie neon sign comes down

      Click here to take a look at our new Wallingford location.

    • Archie McPhee's Owner on NPR

      Our owner Mark, discusses his book about the history of our company on NPR with Jeremy Richards!

      Click here to listen, Mark starts about 12 minutes in.

    • Mark's Rant - Privacy, Red Lights and The Mob!

      Hello, I'm Mark, I own Archie McPhee and I wanted to use this blog to share some of my views and recommend books I like. If you are here just for the crazy, fun stuff you can just skip my rants. Of course, your life would be diminished because of it, it's your choice.

      One issue that we're very concerned about here is privacy. We guard our customer list and your email addresses carefully, knowing that you are putting your trust in us when you order. We even sell products that could help protect your identity, like the Bizzaro Glasses and Fake Mustaches, which is clear evidence of our sincerity.

      Today I've been brooding about the coming new wave of sneaky, hi-tech cameras at traffic intersections in Seattle and other big cities, and how those cameras relate so admirably to successful Sicilian Mafia methods. It all blends nicely with my Grand Ongoing Rant on the collapse of honest government, privacy rights and common sense. Continue reading

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