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    Keenan is Back

    Archie McPhee Catalog Cover

    It was the late 1990s, the X-Files was on TV and our catalog was still in black and white. It was then that Keenan the Wonderkid wrote a report about us for school. We have no idea what class it was for or what grade he got, but we decided to use quotes from his paper in a catalog. Get my catch?

    Now, more than a decade later, Keenan stopped back in the store to tell us what he's been up to. He's an artist and all around wonderadult!

    Here's how he looks now:

    Keenan all grown up!

    As he promised in his report:

    Keenan the Wonderkid

    And he kept his promise!

    One thought on “Keenan is Back”

    • Hi!
      I really enjoy all of your random assortments! I am ten years old and am wondering if you are getting any thanksgiving gumballs anytime soon?????I would love to buy a ton!!! I also thought that it was really creative of you guys to do a surprise bag filled with goodies! I'm going to buy some of those!!! I thought that the emergency toilet covers we really funny but, mabye you could put more than 4 in there. My friend , Cliare loves your stuff and shops here all the time. I'm writing down a list of all of the items that i'm going to save my money for on this website! I have some ideas for you guys like animal clothing and, mouse pads, penny tees, stuff like doggie snow boots made out of rubber. I really love your website mabye you could take my suggestions and turn them into a big hit!!! Thanks,

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