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    Keeping Up with the Archies!

    Here's a quick roundup of all the ways you can keep up with us.

    If you are in Seattle, or just want to be in Seattle, you can follow our brand spanking new Archie McPhee Store Blog! It focuses strictly on what's going on in the store. And it's a pretty busy spot.

    Also, if you are into Twitter, we decided to stop bothering everyone with our Seattle business and give our store their own account. You can follow them here.

    Also, if you haven't been keeping up with Monkey Goggles, you've missed some excellent stuff. Including teaching English to mean kids in South Korea, our favorite movie you'll probably hate, what we've learned from the internet, our owner's memories of Fairfax Avenue in the '70s and a bunch of awesome facts (lies) about Sherlock Holmes. Seriously, you need to go through the archives and read everything on there.

    Check out our April Fools products from this year. These get harder to do as our products get weirder. One of them is already in production.

    No joke.