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    He She Jem Doll, Do You Remember?

    Jem Doll With Male Head

    The He She dolls were an actual factory mistake. See, there was this cartoon show called Jem about an imaginary pop star and she wore crazy clothes. When they went to make the action figure they accidentally put a male head on the body. We can't be positive, but the one in the picture above looks a lot like Sylvester Stallone. Could it be they mistook Sly for Jem?

    One Jem fan told me that the head also looks like Jem's boyfriend Rio.

    We sold out of the original run of them quickly and asked the factory to repeat the mistake. As with most happy accidents, it didn't work when they did it on purpose. They just sent us an effeminate male doll in vaguely female clothes.

    For more pictures, check out our book.

    6 thoughts on “He She Jem Doll, Do You Remember?”

    • Sure it was an 'accident' at the factory...SURE it was.

      Did you ever see the cartoon?


      If I was at the switch, I'd have done the same thing.

    • Actually, these are not mistakes made by Hasbro, the creator and manufacturer of the Jem doll series. These mistakes were made by a company known as Super Star Dolls. They bought the unfinished factory lots from Hasbro when the Jem line was discontinued for the more Barbie-clone line Maxie. Super Star Dolls then assembled the parts and packaged the dolls. They were/still are sold at dollar stores. Dolls have been found in this line with backwards arms, 2 left legs and female torsos on male legs. The doll pictured above is an unfinished Rio head(hair has not been cut or styled) on a Jem body with a Pizzazz dress and sash with 2 socks instead of the ONE she is sold with through the Hasbro line. More often than not the he/she dolls are Clash heads with Rio face paint on Jem bodies.

    • I do remember and actually still have my Jem doll. I don't believe it was a mistake, my personal opinion was they had to make her different from Barbie so they made a slightly bigger doll with a bigger her. If everyone else believes this explain the Bratz doll.

    • Thats not the same Jem doll from the 80s era!

    • [...] reading this on novelty store Archie McPhee's blog I still have trouble believing it -- apparently there was a factory mistake at one point and Rio [...]

    • [...] reading this on novelty store Archie McPhee’s blog I still have trouble believing it — apparently there was a factory mistake at one point and [...]

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