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    Ask Mr. Bacon! Should I reveal my secret life?

    Our own Mr. Bacon has agreed to answer questions from readers of this blog. He not only has a lifetime's worth of experiences and wisdom to pass along, but also the unique perspective that comes from being made of bacon. If you would like to ask Mr. Bacon a question email it to us and we'll pass it along. You can also follow Mr. Bacon on Twitter.

    Today's question comes from Secret Life: Mr. Bacon, my family reunion is coming up and I have been less than honest with my family about what is going on in my life. Should I continue with the charade or come clean?

    Dear Secret Life,
    By all means, keep up the charade. Speaking of which, don't you love the classic party game charades? I'll never forget the time that my Uncle Prosciutto got so frustrated when we couldn't decipher his pantomime that he just yelled out “I'm a muskox you nitwits!"
    But seriously, if you really feel like you need to get the burden off your chest why don't you just tell me? Admit it, you probably like my delicious cured meatiness more that you like your family anyway. Plus, if you tell me, I promise not to belittle, berate or disown you. That way you feel better, your family is spared the trauma and I continue to be delicious. Everyone wins!
    Yours in succulence,
    Mr. B

    Mr. Bacon is proud to announce the arrival of his very own board game!
    Click here for meaty fun!