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    Who is Bibo? Why is Bibo?

    Our oldest fans know who Bibo is already, but some of you who found us more recently might only recognize him from the masthead of this blog. A little explanation is in order.

    Bibo is a found product of the highest order. While we can create amazing products, nothing beats finding something that we can't explain yet want desperately ourselves. When we found Bibo in a factory showroom, we had no idea what it was. It was just a strange looking clock that shouted "Bibo" over and over again until you tapped the stem on his head. We requested more information from the factory about exactly what Bibo was and got the strange explanation below. It was love at first sight for us, the explanation just deepened that love.

    Good day! Story of Bi-bo.

    This is an ancient God story and Love story in China. At that time there were two main powers; Snake Devil Woman and power called Sky Devil Religion, who likes drinking people's blood very much. When the solar eclipse is coming is the time Sky Devil come out to control the world... They have a beautiful Phoenix God Woman to protect them against the Sky Devil.

    One day, beside the very beautiful pool, there was one handsome young man who sit on a big stone and blowed flute to lead one fire Phoenix to the pool. Then he use cold pool water to extinguish the fire of this Phoenix and suddenly Phoenix change to be a very beautiful girl. Also, this handsome young man aroused one sleeping God Monster called Bibo to be protection God of Phoenix. This God Monster Bibo had slept in the bottom of the pool for over thousands of year. Bibo is a God Monster with intelligence. He has two big eyes, and he knows very well what people want to do. He cannot speak, but only "Bi-Bo." When there is any danger happened, he will speak. The top of his head will light up and his hip will makes many colorful smoke to help him survive because this smoke is very stinking and it can hinder the sight of his enemies.

    We love Bibo very much because he always survive by using some funny ways.

    The clock is long gone, but our love for him is still strong. So, we are proud to introduce the Squeeze Bibo and the Bibo Painting.

    Here's an original catalog page with pictures of the clock and the companion clock, Lucky Boy. Click for a larger size.

    Catalog 32

    24 thoughts on “Who is Bibo? Why is Bibo?”

    • If you guys ever want to bring back the Bibo Alarm Clock, you're welcome to make some new molds with my clock!

    • Welcome home weird little buddy...

    • How endearing in a bizarre way. And oddly appropriate considering the longest eclipse of the century occurring in Asia today.

    • i luvvvv bibo i want the alarm clock but the squish will have to do

    • How can I not love Bibo? It's in my blood. It's my name. I've been collecting the little guy since we first discovered him. It's every guy's dream to be called a God Monster. "You're a God, You're a MOnster," she said. I soooo want the painting but my wife says NO.

    • Eric Luttrell July 24, 2009 at 7:09 am

      PIZZAAAA! PIZZZZAAAA! We have both the original Bibo and the more obnoxious successor clock. Both still working after many years of service. I consider it possibly the finest catalog item Archie McPhee has ever sold. ...but the Yodelling Pickle comes close. Me and my wife's first smooch took place while reading the Archie McPhee catalog and our wedding favors were made from a "gallon of tiny treasures". La Vida Bibo in El Cerrito California...

    • No, Bibo is the long lost fifth TeleTubby.

    • I have a Bibo in my classroom that squeaks when he is squeezed. I used to buy a bunch of these and give them away as prizes to the top students. Please bring back the Bibo that squeaks. I have been looking all over for them.

    • Please do everything in your power to bring back the Bibo alarm clock. I'm sure there are manufacturing sites in China that can fabricate new ones. Please do this for me.

    • I LOVE BIBO!!!!! I found a Spark Bibo years ago and gave him to my dad for Father's Day, he will cherish the Squeeze Bibo as well when I give it to him at Christmas. PLEASE keep bringing the world more precious Bibo treasures!

    • that 'story' behind Bibo is actually a Taiwanese kung-fu/fantasy tv show called Flame Bathing Phoenix aired during 1990 starring Pan Yin Tze (still quite a hottie even now at age 64)

    • [...] never even dared to dream that this video existed! Thanks to a comment on a previous post and some Chinese language Google searches, we have actual footage of Bibo in [...]

    • i still have my clock! he wears a green hair suit! i also used to have the t-shirt, which expounded the story of bibo. if i had known that i would never be able to get another, i would not have worn it til it was in tatters!

    • John W. Smokes Jr. November 13, 2009 at 1:14 am

      Bibo sort of creeps me out...

    • Please, please bring back that clock. That is awesome.

    • [...] get the full Bibo story, and other interesting and humorous thoughts, visit the Archie McPhee [...]

    • If I had known that Archie McPhee would discontinue the Bibo tee shirt, I would have bought a hundred, rather than the two I have long since worn to threads.
      Alas, bring back the Bibo tee!

    • I took my Bibo alarm clock to work with me, because everyone had odd toys on their desks. I would generally tuck him away in my desk's lockbox at night. Well, I was sick one day, and came back the next day to find my lockbox had been jimmied by the facilities manager...seems I accidentally activated the alarm when I put him in there, and he'd spontaneously started Bi-bo'ing half the day before they figured out where he was. Wish I'd been there 1) to see the confusion and 2) seen the expression on their faces when they uncovered Bibo...

    • I bought an iPad thinking it would make me happy. It hasn't. It doesn't even have an alarm clock. For these reasons I need you to remanufacture the Bibo Alarm Clock.

    • A few years ago, my wife and I went to a Halloween party dressed as Bibo and Lucky Boy. No one had a clue who we were, which really added to the fun. I stayed in character most of the night, only answering "Bibo! Bibo!" when anyone spoke to me.

      FYI: A hot melt glue gun is a very, very bad way to attach something to your shaved head.

    • i used to love watching the tv drama with bibo in it when i was a kid. so did many other taiwanese kids my age. it's like a long lost icon!

    • I would like to find someone willing to sell their Bibo alarm clock the one that says "Bibo". If you have one for sale email me at [email protected]

    • sorry my email is [email protected]

    • I was introduced to the world of Bibo years ago and have been a fan and friend ever since. My one qualm is this: you need to bring back Squeak Bibo! I have one and gave another to my friend, but, alas and alack, Bibo's tail broke off. I love the little guy nonetheless, but he wants to have some friends, and the squishy ones simply can't talk!

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