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    Goodbye Rocket, Hello 826

    One of the bad things about moving our Seattle retail store to a smaller location is that we had to get rid of some of our larger items. Most of the items that wouldn't fit moved to our business offices.  As an example, here's a picture of the "Santa Claus in Dentist Chair with Spider" installation which now resides in front of our filing cabinets.

    Santa Claus in Dentist Chair With Cockroach

    One of the things that hurt the most was losing our handmade rocket. It was way to big to be in someone's house and we were afraid that it would have to be recycled. Thankfully, when we offered to donate it to 826 Seattle they accepted.

    826 is a great non-profit organization that teaches writing to kids. Also, the entrance to their building is the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co, a mercantile for all your interstellar needs that helps support their organziation.  It now hangs from the ceiling of their shop and was recently named the "HMS Copernicus' Ride."

    HMS Copernicus' Ride

    826 is always looking for support and volunteers, so if you want to help them with their mission to teach kids creative writing click here for more information.

    3 thoughts on “Goodbye Rocket, Hello 826”

    • That dentist chair is actually really comfortable.

    • I didn't think that santa could get any creepier, but in a way I'm pleased to see that I was so mistaken.

      826 is a wonderful organization. I think it's awesome that our rocket found such a great new home. It looks wonderful in their space.

    • i'm sooooo happy the Rocket made it to 826!!! i can still visit it!! what a perfect fit!!

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