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    The Mothman Cometh!

     Mothman, Bigfoot, Ultraman and an Apple,

    We were excited about our new Cryptozoological Play Set, but also nervous about the reaction from those that study cryptids. Would we get the details right? Would they appreciate our take? Well, about ten minutes after it went up on the site, we got an email from someone telling us we got Mothman right!

    Dear Archie Mcphee,

    I was just looking around your site (Tends to cheer me up when I'm feeling down) and came across the new Cyptids play set.

    But I was really surprised to see that, your Mothman, is designed from the witness accounts in the book! I've read the book many times over (And lost sleep over it), but have always resented the movie. Particularly for the 'Ukrainian Butterfly' thing. I'm Ukrainian, I ain't heard of no bad luck butterfly.

    Even the tiny town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, couldn't get the design right. They erected a statue of 'The Mothman' (I believe after the movie was made) that clearly depicts a moth man. But it's not the Mothman. In fact, the statue looked closer to the Mothmonsterman in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force show than what witnesses described. The program that featured this did manage to get an interview with Linda Scarberry, but didn't ask her anything important.

    So, props to you guys for having read the book!

    Read or Die,

    I have to agree with him about the book, The Mothman Prophecies, being amazing and scary. The movie is unwatchable and may cause your brain to explode, especially if you've read the book. 

    As a bonus, I thought I'd include this article we wrote for a fake newpaper on the back our our wholesale catalog.

    Mysterious Mothman Sighting

    Residents of Mason County are once again scared to go outside their homes after dark as reports of a red-eyed Mothman were made on Friday. Sightings of the Mothman usually go up in the spring, so it comes as no surprise to long time residents.

    Local officials have voted money into the budget to set up a huge lightbulb on the edge of town in the hopes of drawing the Mothman away from populated areas. Mayor Duchovny said, "Last time he showed up he just walked into a supermarket window for an hour until someone turned the light out in the store. He's more irritating than dangerous."

    Not so says Rebecca Serling who claims the Mothman is the father of her child, "If you think he's so harmless, just try getting him to pay child support so that Mothman Jr. can eat. All Mothman wants to do is sit around and drink beer all day and then bang into lightbulbs all night. What kind of life is that for a family man?"