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    Archie McPhee Store Staff Tattoos

    If you're ever in Seattle, you have to stop by our store. Not just for the amazing products and great customer service, but also for the staff tattoos. Below you'll find the first bunch of them.

    Pete's Wolfman Hand Tattoo

    Pete is a serious werewolf afficianado and this tattoo of a wolfman hand coming out through his skin is visible evidence.

    Molly's Dragon in Clouds Tattoo

    Molly's dragon is gorgeous, look at the shading on those clouds.

    Jeff's Good and Evil Hotdogs Tattoo

    Jeff's good and evil hot dog tattoos guide his life. Often, he'll check with the hot dogs before making a choice.

    Shana's Anchor and Flowers Tattoo

    Here is Shana’s lucky anchor and a cascade of flowers

    Jeff's Game Over Knuckle Tattoo

    And, we had to end with Jeff's classic video game "game over" knuckle tattoos. It's the last thing you'll see before he knocks you unconscious, if that's what the evil hot dog tells him to do!

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