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    Ask Mr. Bacon! Were you close to your family?

    Our own Mr. Bacon has agreed to answer questions from readers of this blog. He not only has a lifetime's worth of experiences and wisdom to pass along, but also the unique perspective that comes from being made of bacon. If you would like to ask Mr. Bacon a question email it to us and we'll pass it along. You can also follow Mr. Bacon on Twitter.

    This week's question is from Riley H.

    Q: I was just curious if you were close to the rest of your family. Such as Mr. Ham or Senor Tenderloin.

    A: Dear Curious,

    How did you hear about Senor Tenderloin? The last time I saw that cut of meat he was soaking in a ginger soy marinade. Before he got plated, I heard rumors that he'd been seen with some organic asparagus. It's a shame really. He always seemed like a level-headed loin.

    Now Mr. Ham is another story. He and I, well, we came from the same swine. That guy was like a brother to me. Taught me what it means to be cured. I'll always remember the pride and contentment on his face when they drizzled him with honey mustard and set him in the center of the Easter table. He was the best Ham I ever knew.