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    Actual Squirrel In Squirrel Underpants!

    The packaging for our Smoking Baby states, “Real babies should never smoke.” We feel the same way about real squirrels wearing Squirrel Underpants (squirrels smoking, however is just fine).  Then, Jasin who runs a rodent rescue society sent us a picture of his squirrel, Monk, modeling them. No, he doesn't make him wear it all the time and yes, he rescued the squirrel from a very desperate situation.
    Actual Squirrel Wearing Squirrel Underpants

    Jasin's story:

    My Girlfriend Kirstin and I run a small rodent rescue. About 7 months ago we were asked to take in some baby squirrels. For the 1st few months everything went well and the female (Beasty Rose) is perfectly modest keeping her lady bits covered in fur. However the male (Monk) at about 3 months old began to proudly and rudely display his squirrely manhood. About this time Monk’s Uncle Chris and Aunt Kelinda, seeing how distressed Kirstin and I where becoming over our boy’s lack of modesty, purchased their nephew his very own Squirrel Underpants.

    Link to Small Animal Decency

    One thought on “Actual Squirrel In Squirrel Underpants!”

    • You know what's wrong with this? Absolutely everything. I really prefer my animals "tackle" free ALA Disney.....

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