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    Unused Unicorn Designs - Unicorn Fail or Unifail

    Back in 2005 Unicorns were all the rage. At least they were for us. We did the Avenging Unicorn and then decided to spin off the line in new and fantastic directions. Below are some of our unproduced designs. Perhaps, they will be made someday, but until then, they, like actual unicorns, exist only in our minds. (Click on the pictures below for larger version.)

    Anarchist Unicorn - Anarchistcorn - Unused Unicorn Design

    Fairy Land is ruled by the Fairy Queen with an iron fist in a tiny velvet glove. The peppermint trains run on time, but at what cost? How many freedoms must an elf give up? Why are the dwarves forced to live underground? The Anarchistcorn wants to destroy the rule of fairy law!

    Actually, we're located in Seattle, so the WTO protests probably influenced this a bit. Now, we'd probably put the unicorn in a V for Vendetta "Guy Fawkes" mask.

    Death Unicorn - Deathcorn - Unused Unicorn Design

    This is what we came up with when we imagined what mythic figure would come to collect unicorn's souls when they died. We tried it first with a hooded robe, but horns and hoods don't mix.

    Capitalist Unicorn - Capitalistcorn - Unused Unicorn Design

    When trying to decide who would fight the Commiecorn, this was our first thought. It didn't quite work, but there's something appealing about a unicorn with a dollar sign on his rump. This would be the symbol of the First Bank of Fairy Land.

    Rainbow Unicorn - Rainbowcorn- Unused Unicorn Design

    Rainbowcorn is just free to be who he wants to be! There was disagreement about this unicorn, some felt it should have the traditional star and rainbow on its side, but others felt the zebra stripe rainbow was the way to go.  As it turned out, neither one was actually made!

    Pirate Unicorn- Piratecorn - Unused Unicorn Design

    This one came the closest to actually being produced until someone pointed out that unicorns get seasick really easily.

    Lucky Unicorn - Luckycorn - Unused Unicorn Design

    Luckycorn comes a little close to My Little Pony. Most people think of Ireland when they look at him, so it's all far too confusing.

    Banana Unicorn - Bananacorn - Unused Unicorn Design

    We have no memory of why this unicorn exists or why he was supposed to be funny.

    Unicorndog - Unused Unicorn Design

    Get it? Corn Dog + Unicorn = Unicorndog. That's funny! Hello? Tap tap. Is this thing on?

    Unicorn Steak - Unused Unicorn Designs

    One final bonus item, the unicorn steak. What would happen if you went to a butcher shop and asked for unicorn? What would it look like? Should we make a candy like that? This is what it would have looked like if we had.

    5 thoughts on “Unused Unicorn Designs - Unicorn Fail or Unifail”

    • The Phantom Creeper February 26, 2009 at 11:31 pm

      I think the real gold mines here are the Bananacorn and Unicorndog; Wiener dogs, as a rule, are always hilarious!

    • I agree, Weiner dogs are always hilarious, and way back in the day, wasn't your mascot a Weiner dog? Also, the Unicorn steak is brilliant.

    • You need to have that unicorn steak made. I can see it now, go and get somebody who manufactures those squeaky chew toys for dogs, then have them paint it rainbow. Package and profit!

    • i would totally buy a bannanacorn or unicorndog. awesome! you need to make those!

    • I would have bought the unicorndog. And heh heh that bananacorn is funny I would pay triple just for those two to come out.

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