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    Ask Mr. Bacon - Degrees of Bacon

    Our own Mr. Bacon has agreed to answer questions from readers of this blog. He not only has a lifetime's worth of experiences and wisdom to pass along, but also the unique perspective that comes from being made of bacon. If you would like to ask Mr. Bacon a question email it to us or leave a comment below and we'll pass it along. You can also follow Mr. Bacon on Twitter.

    Here's today's question!

    Dear Mr. Bacon,
    Can you do the six degrees Kevin Bacon game with your name as the starting name and are you related to him in any way?

    Thank you for your time, I know you're a very busy man.

    Mr. Bacon responds:

    Thanks for your question, Christi. I made my movie debut as the upper-lip on Pee-wee's breakfast face in Pee-wee's Big Adventure. You can see me about 2:41 into the clip below.

    I won't tell you everything that went on under that Mr. T cereal, but I will say the lower lip is now Mrs. Bacon!

    The star of that film was Paul Reubens. So if we start with me and go through Paul, it's a pretty quick trip to Kevin Bacon!

    Mr. Bacon> acted in Pee-wee's Big Adventure> which starred Paul Reubens > who did a voice in Dr. Dolittle> which featured Oliver Platt> who acted in Frost/Nixon with Kevin Bacon!

    Kevin and I are in no way related, but if he invited me to join the Bacon Brothers band, they wouldn't have to change their name and they'd get a heck of a drummer.

    7 thoughts on “Ask Mr. Bacon - Degrees of Bacon”

    • Is it hard to find a date that doesn't want to eat you, or is there some kind of dating service for bacon?

    • Mr. Bacon,

      As to the rumors of your recent demise, how do you keep the sizzle in?

    • Mr. Bacon,
      I was just curious if you were close to the rest of your family. Such as Mr. Ham or Senor Tenderloin.

    • Dear Mr Bacon,
      There are many groups out there(ex. vegans and those of the Jewish faith) that have launched large campaigns against you. How do you deal with the bad press?

    • [email protected] March 9, 2009 at 12:51 pm

      Mr. Bacon,

      Is there any chance that you and Monsieur Tofu could put aside the fact that you are mortal enemies to come together in a collaborative recipe?

    • What's the best way to prevent me from putting you in my mouth every time I see you?

    • Would you describe as salty and meaty with delicious fat or deliciously fatty and salty with meat?

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