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    Jabba Jam 2 - We Were Wrong!

    Screen Capture from Punkro

    An avid Star Wars collector points us toward a Japanese blog with a picture of the worst selling item in Archie McPhee history, Jabba Jam! The legend was that none of it ever sold, but obviously someone bought one and somehow it ended up in Japan. The text about it doesn't translate clearly through babelfish, but it is quoted below for your enjoyment. We are, of course, complimented at being included among those "of strange design in society."

    There are those of strange design in society.  As for this being “JABBA JAM”, as for medium there is no ○ [nko]. [jiyabazahatsuto] which comes appearing in the Star Wars has entered into the container. In addition the tangerine of the plastic entering, the several it increases. Almost, as for the person it is and don't you think? and others - with it thinks this, probably will be. In this way certainly, explaining, the [te] there is no reason [wa] can, as for that being what? With we would like to say. Why having, the [ru]? Selling, as for [ru] assuming that there is no ginger, the money putting out with something, buying, the [ru]? With you would like to question by your. Like it is taken densely, don't you think?

    See PUNKRO's original post here

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