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Zombies & Monsters

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  1. Finger Monster Gift Wrap Up Close

    Finger Monster Gift Wrap


    You'll hope the present is as delightful as the gift wrap

    • Two 20" x 30" sheets of quality paper
    • Covered with colorful monsters
    • Jaunty, whimsical, delightful, lighthearted
    • Makes even grumpy people smile
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  2. Finger Monster Gift Bag

    Finger Monster Gift Bag


    These monsters are fun, colorful, and generous

    • 7-1/2" x 4" x 9-1/2" paper gift bag
    • Thick string handle; includes a card
    • Featuring a bestselling product
    • Cheerful as colorful monsters can be
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  3. Dashboard Eyeball Wiggler

    Dashboard Eyeball Wiggler


    Mystic eye stares into your soul as you drive

    • 4-1/2" tall with adhesive base
    • Fez-clad eyeball made of hard vinyl
    • Jiggles as you drive
    • Makes your commute more mystical
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  4. Edgar Allan Poe Lunchbox

    Edgar Allan Poe Lunchbox


    The dark side of the midday meal

    • 8" x 7" x 4" metal lunchbox
    • Plastic handle & vinyl dangle
    • Includes iconic Poe imagery
    • Perfect for a "Poe"-boy sandwich
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  5. Surprise Tattoos

    Surprise Tattoos


    My temporary tattoo is more interesting than your real tattoo

    • Random assortment of 26 tattoos
    • Comes in a 3-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 3/4" tin
    • Each assortment is different
    • Cross your fingers that you get a blender
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  6. Inflatable Cthulhu Arm

    Inflatable Cthulhu Arm


    The inflatable arm Lovecraft would have loved

    • One vinyl inflatable tentacle
    • Tentacle is 3' long & 7" diameter when inflated
    • Better than a normal arm
    • Makes your arm unspeakably horrible
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  7. Bigfoot Air Freshener

    Bigfoot Air Freshener


    Smells way better than the actual bigfoot

    • Air freshener that smells like pine
    • It's 5" long & made of thick paper
    • Includes string for hanging
    • Real bigfoot smells like cheese, socks & mildew
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  8. Dashboard Monster

    Dashboard Monster


    Seven springs for extra jiggle action

    • 4-3/4" tall vinyl monster
    • Adhesive base for easy placement
    • Seven springs so every eye jiggles
    • Keep your eyes on the road, not the monster
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  9. Zombie Sleep Mask

    Zombie Sleep Mask


    Sleep the sleep of the undead

    • Comfy polyester mask with cotton back
    • Elastic band holds firmly in place while you sleep
    • You'll look like a zombie, so you'll sleep in peace
    • Fits most adults
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  10. Eyeball Lunch Bag

    Eyeball Lunch Bag


    I think your lunch is staring at me

    • Nylon bag is 9" diameter x 3" deep
    • Insulated, perfect for lunches
    • Eye chart dangle is adorable
    • People will stare, and so will the bag
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  11. Scalp Squid Head Massager

    Scalp Squid Head Massager


    This squid has 5 tentacles to massage your head

    • 7-1/4” x 3-1/2”, hard vinyl
    • Rub on your head for stress relief
    • Massages head better than an actual squid
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  12. Inflatable Tentacle Arm

    Inflatable Tentacle Arm


    Tired of your plain old human arm, how about a tentacle?

    • One vinyl inflatable tentacle
    • Tentacle is 3' long x 7" diameter when inflated
    • Better than a normal arm
    • Great addition to any costume
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  13. Ear Worms Ear Buds in Box

    Ear Worms Ear Buds


    Help the music worm its way in

    • One pair of Ear Worm Ear Buds
    • 3.5 mm jack compatible with iPhone
    • Pretend your head is an apple
    • A catchy song is an ear worm
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  14. Wallingford Beast Bag

    Wallingford Beast Bag


    Reduce your carbon footprint while shopping with flair

    • 16-1/2" x 13" x 5-3/4" black faux canvas bag
    • Decorated with creepy Wallingford Beast graphic
    • Shop smart and show the world you faced the beast
    • Also makes a great gift bag
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  15. Hungry Squid Bag

    Hungry Squid Bag


    This calamari bites back

    • 16-1/2” x 18” x 3-3/4” reusable bag
    • Made with rayon created from renewable bamboo
    • Features a squid using chopsticks to eat a diver
    • Take it to the fish market
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  16. Cthulhu Charm

    Cthulhu Charm


    I think your zipper dangle just ate my soul

    • Tiny Cthulhu button with clip
    • Perfect for zippers, backpacks or anywhere the clip fits
    • Adorable interdimensional horror
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  17. Dashboard Zombie

    Dashboard Zombie


    You know the walking dead? This is the driving dead

    • 5-1/2" shambling, hard vinyl zombie
    • Spring loaded neck and arms
    • Adhesive base for easy attachment
    • May eat the brains of that guy that cut you off
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  18. Cthulhu Christmas Sweater

    Cthulhu Christmas Sweater


    You better watch out, you better not cry, the dark one is coming to town

    • A horribly distasteful Christmas sweater
    • One size that fits no one well
    • Christmas & Cthulhu together for the first time
    • Limited quantity SOLD OUT!
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  19. Wallingford Beast T-Shirt
  20. Panic Button

    Panic Button


    When things get overwhelming, press the button

    • A big button that releases a blood curdling scream
    • 4-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 3/4" plastic case
    • Says, "Panic", on the button
    • Batteries not included
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