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  1. Giant Lobster Claws

    Giant Lobster Claws


    Become a lobster superhero and take the law into your own claws

    • Set of two latex lobster claws
    • Each is 14-1/2" long
    • Do not dip in butter, no matter how tempting
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  2. Pirate Stocking Cap

    Pirate Stocking Cap


    Keep your head warm on the high seas with a Pirate Stocking Cap

    • Soft black acrylic
    • Fits most adult heads
    • Fearsome skull and crossbones symbol
    • “Archie McPhee” logo says you’re in our crew
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  3. Inflatable Tentacle Arm

    Inflatable Tentacle Arm


    Tired of your plain old human arm, how about a tentacle?

    • One vinyl inflatable tentacle
    • Tentacle is 3' long x 7" diameter when inflated
    • Better than a normal arm
    • Great addition to any costume
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  4. Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figure Collection

    Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action Figure Collection


    Stage your own time travel adventure with these action figures

    • Includes 10 action figures out of their packaging
    • Over $90 worth of figures for under $30
    • Extraordinary historical ladies and gentlemen
    • Endless playtime possibilities
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  5. Skeleton Pirate Finger Puppets

    Skeleton Pirate Finger Puppets


    Turn your hand into a crew of swashbuckling skeleton pirates

    • 2" tall, soft rubber
    • 5 styles, each with different weapon and hat
    • Stage low budget puppet shows
    • Great for geocaching
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  6. Pirate Pencil Toppers

    Pirate Pencil Toppers


    Arr! Prepare your pencils, matey, they’re about to be boarded!

    • 1-1/2" tall soft vinyl pencil toppers
    • Five different fearsome piratey skulls
    • Great pirate party favors or prizes
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  7. Pirate Bandages

    Pirate Bandages


    Arrr! Sometimes even the savviest pirate gets an owie

    • 25 3" x 3/4" adhesive bandages
    • 3-3/4" tall metal pocket tin
    • Includes a small treasure to help fill your sails
    • Can be used on your booty
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