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  1. Lord of the Rings Pins

    Lord of the Rings Pins


    Three pins to rule them all

    • Collectible pins made in 1978
    • Features Bilbo, Samwise and Aragorn
    • Vintage 3" diameter metal buttons
    • Identifies you as an old school nerd
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  2. Super Awesome Postcard Book

    Super Awesome Postcard Book


    Postcards from the edge of awesome

    • Beautifully printed book of 30 postcards
    • Each one is awesome
    • 4" x 6" postcards printed on heavy stock
    • A souvenir of the inside of your brain
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  3. Red Fez

    Red Fez


    It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool!

    • Red, velour fez
    • Fits most adult heads
    • Cool
    • Would look great on a monkey
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  4. Jane Austen Action Figure

    Jane Austen Action Figure


    An action figure for the landed gentry

    • Action figure of Jane Austen
    • 5-1/2" tall vinyl figure
    • Includes book and quill
    • Book-shaped package suitable for display
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  5. Charles Darwin Ornament

    Charles Darwin Ornament


    The most evolved Christmas ornament ever

    • Ornament of Charles Darwin
    • 3-1/2" x 5" traditional glass style
    • Was a real guy
    • Looks like Santa, but it's not
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  6. Anime Eyes Luggage Tag

    Anime Eyes Luggage Tag


    Excuse me, but did you know your luggage looks like Sailor Moon?

    • 5-1/4" tall vinyl luggage tag
    • Looks like the eyes of an anime character
    • Moving googly pupils
    • Cosplay for a suitcase
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  7. Fail Button

    Fail Button


    The perfect punctuation to life's little failures

    • A big button that plays a sad trombone
    • 4-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 3/4" plastic case
    • Says "Fail" on the button
    • Batteries not included
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  8. Great Scientists Finger Puppets

    Great Scientists Finger Puppets


    The scientific method at your fingertips

    • 4 scientist finger puppets
    • Einstein, Curie, Newton and Darwin
    • 4" tall and made of soft fabric
    • Each has a magnet for easy hanging
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  9. TARDIS vs. Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers

    TARDIS vs. Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers


    Exterminate flavorless food

    • Two ceramic shakers
    • You get a 4" TARDIS & a 3-1/4" Dalek
    • Tiny TARDIS not bigger on the inside
    • You can scream, "Exterminate" as you spice your food
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  10. Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS Mug

    Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS Mug


    Don't let the Daleks know that hot water makes the Doctor disappear

    • Doctor Who 3-1/2" ceramic mug
    • TARDIS disappears when filled with hot liquid
    • You'd think hot tea would attract the Doctor
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  11. Atheist Stocking

    Atheist Stocking


    Merry December 25th, let's gather around the science tree and sing secular humanist songs

    • 16" long felt stocking
    • Decorated with evolution & the Big Bang
    • Won't be filled by Santa
    • Helps everyone be included
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  12. Lab Flask Shot Glass

    Lab Flask Shot Glass


    Good heavens Miss Sakamoto - you're beautiful!

    • One flask-shaped shot glass
    • 2-3/4" tall
    • Holds 2 oz. of fluid
    • It's hip to be square
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  13. Ear Buddies Ear Buds

    Ear Buddies Ear Buds


    Our ear buds are the only true ear buds

    • Working ear buds
    • You'll have tiny ears on your ears
    • Works with iPhone or any 3.5 mm jack
    • Both funny ha-ha and funny peculiar
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  14. Anime Eyes Sleep Mask

    Anime Eyes Sleep Mask


    Stylish nerd sleep accessory

    • Comfy polyester mask & cotton back
    • Wake up bright-eyed, no matter what
    • Look like an anime character
    • Fits most adult heads
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  15. Doctor Who in Your Pocket

    Doctor Who in Your Pocket


    If the Doctor fits in there, your pocket must be bigger on the inside

    • 3-1/2" key chain, battery included
    • 6 Doctor Who soundbites
    • Almost like being a Time Lord
    • Perfect for the key to your TARDIS
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  16. Pi Baking Mold

    Pi Baking Mold


    Pi cake is one of the world's most confusing foods

    • Bake a pi cake
    • Nerds will ask, "Why not a pi pie?"
    • 9" diameter x 2" tall silicone mold
    • Also good for gelatin, ice, or candy
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  17. Tech Monks Teacups

    Tech Monks Teacups


    Enlighten your tea drinking experience with electronics

    • Set of 2 porcelain teacups
    • Each is 3" tall & holds 4 ounces
    • Like them first, then reblog them
    • Dishwasher & microwave safe
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  18. Inflatable Cthulhu Arm

    Inflatable Cthulhu Arm


    The inflatable arm Lovecraft would have loved

    • One vinyl inflatable tentacle
    • Tentacle is 3' long & 7" diameter when inflated
    • Better than a normal arm
    • Makes your arm unspeakably horrible
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  19. Man Sleeping with Steampunk Sleep Mask

    Steampunk Sleep Mask


    Those retro-futuristic Victorians sure knew how to sleep

    • Comfy polyester mask with cotton back
    • Elastic band holds firmly in place while you sleep
    • It has gears, that's steampunk, right?
    • Fits most adults
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  20. USB Pickle Light

    USB Pickle Light


    It's a pickle, for your computer, that lights up, you know, like you want

    • A pickle for your computer
    • Plug into USB port to make pickle glow
    • Device is 17" long
    • Has no real practical use, it's just a pickle
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